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Google Fiber is Coming to Charlotte: is AT&T U-verse Outmatched?

Google Fiber is Coming to Charlotte: is AT&T U-verse Outmatched?

In this article you will read about the new Google Fiber and U-verse service in Charlotte. As we know U-verse has been around for quite some time now and has been the best service so far. Now that Google has created this new service for us all to use in the future U-verse is probably going to become less usable now that we are excited to use this new service that Google is offering. Although in some areas AT&T is the best service when it comes to being in a area that normally doesn’t provide service.

Google Fiber has created a new design to connection and fast networks. Right now there are 3 cities that already have connected to Google fiber and 5 upcoming cities including Charlotte. There is also 4 cities that are planning in the future to provide the service. When we connect to this new network we are getting a faster speed that connects us to things we do online. This company plans to connect with everyone that uses the internet to help provide fast networks.

However U-verse is not intimidated they are actually planning to compete with Google Fiber to offer super fast speed and better networks. Like I said AT&T has been the best service for decades and always beats competitor prices and services. So therefore they do not plan on slowing down any less they actually plan to do the complete opposite. AT&T is already in the making of their new service and has connect with 3 cities so far. The new thing is using gigabits instead of megabits. This will provide you to download an HD movie within 30 seconds or a TV show in 3 seconds. That’s almost instant downloading. So the question is AT&T U-verse outmatched? No, they are going to compete and continue to be number 1 for fastest speed for internet.

These companies strive to be the best and provide the best services to their customers. When a new product is created the other companies find a new way to become better than what the new product offers. Just remember if you have any questions there are many of resources to contact regarding this subject. A lot of websites will provide contact info for you and are waiting to help assist you with answers. There are many sites that offer you updates and news about the different services companies provide.

iOS Hack Could Make Your Phone Completely Unusable

iOS Hack Could Make Your Phone Completely Unusable

What is the hack and why should I care?

The security company named Skycure just revealed startling details that hackers may be able to render your iOS device completely useless. Maybe after it’s rendered unusable you can turn it into an iPaperWeight! All jokes aside, the hacker would start the intrusion by creating an unsecured wireless network to connect to. If you’ve ever been out in public, you will be well aware of how many networks will be available to you.

Most companies and individuals are smart and password protect these networks so outsiders can’t connect on to them and use their service. However, some people simply forget to lock down these networks in order to make them secure – leaving them vulnerable to outside attacks.

What the hacker does is prey on the individuals seeking an unsecured network in order to browse the internet while they have coffee or eat a meal. Once connected, the iOS device will begin to crash until they physically leave the range that the network extends to. In some cases the phone will continually crash and completely prevent the user from logging back on to their phone or make use of its functionality.

The hackers use a custom made SSL certificate (a cryptographic key that allows access to vital internal files) that makes the device crash almost instantaneously. The scary part of this attack comes in the fact that the majority of apps running on iOS devices use this SSL certificate in order to operate. With wide spread usage of the cryptographic system, many of the iOS devices in the general public are susceptible to this hack.

How to prevent this

Even though the hack seems scary, the fix is rather simple to implement. First, go to the settings section of your phone and navigate to the Wi-Fi section. In this section, scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see an option that says “Ask to Join Networks.” Turn this option on so that you protect yourself against this crash hack. This change will prompt you in the future and ask you if you want to join a particular network that is available to you.

But it doesn’t stop there, in 2013 Skycure found another exploit that would bypass the Wi-Fi settings and force you to connect to a particular network. Although Skycure has reported that they haven’t seen this hack used on any victims, the threat still remains.

For future reference, always stay cognizant of the networks that you are connecting to. Finding an unsecured Wi-Fi network is a bit like finding money on the ground, but you never know who may be monitoring your activity. Private information and financial data can be stolen from individuals using online banking, bank apps, personal information and so forth. Always trust a network before connecting.